Song of 14 – Fathers

I’m lost for words
I’m here alone
Lord, hear my prayers
My heart breaks, this can I take?
I’m only a man
Lord, hold my hands
Given so little
But expected so much to gain
I give you truth; yes I’ve cried
Stretched beyond measure
Expected not to complain
They keep telling me to believe
But they don’t bare my name
Unto thee I completely surrender
I’m only a man
My life is in your hands
You preserved me and protected me
Now you brought me to this place
Lord, hear my prayers
So many will turn their backs on me
Now that I’ve lost everything
Less is more than I can see
I only have You to gain
So here I’ am against all odds
Tell me their angels all around
Removed everything
Just to walk next to me
So this test I’ll take with my faith
I’m just a man
My life is in your hands

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