Song of 14 – Silver Springs

Silver springs
All over my skin
Crystals and diamonds
Their wings are transparent
This silence is loud
Sharp with a deep fragrance
I can’t get enough
You’re so close
Starting to feel
Like an overcoat
Not a single touch
You magnify my heart
Penetrating every
Existence of my soul
I know your glowing
Who am I –
That you chose to share your time
How could you be so kind?
Only You died
So I can be alive
Perfection in one breath
You realize every bit
Of who I am
No need to explain
In this moment I know you forgave
Who could love me better?
When I fall, You stand
When it’s hard
You remind me to sustain
Because You overcame
All or nothing
Took me as I am
Turned my nothing
Into Your something
Your majesty
Separated the sea
Turned water into wine
Allowed the blind to see
Drove out evil
And still thought enough
To create me

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