Song of 14 – Talk About It

I just want to sit and talk about it
About it with You
I thought I heard a song about love
About love reminds me of You
And who’d have thought
About the wine
Casting the first stone
Eyes of fire
Days of manna
Splitting the Red Sea
The Cross
About me
Your love letter to me
All about You – 
Died and leaving it all behind
Over and over
Talking about it
About it with You


Searching my soul
Waves pretending
To know my name
But Your my saving grace
And through the fire or the storm
Your presence is enough
Faith is believing
And if shattered –
You pick up the pieces
If hot  –
Your arm will cool
Until the fire ceases
If the waves are crashing down
And more than I can stand
I’m holding on to You –
Still dry
And if foes care to make a noise
In the dark your light reminds them
My soul is Yours


Touch your hands
Gaze in your eyes
Until your thoughts
My thoughts are realized
In that one moment
I am yours
You are mine
All about me
All about You






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